About FireAway

What are Fire Blankets?

Fire blankets are specifically made for the purpose of putting out fires before they spread. Made out of fiberglass yarn and a fire retardent, these blankets withstand contact with very high temperatures, making it easy for anyone in your household to smother most fires before major damage and injury can occur.

Why should my home have a Fire Blanket?

It only takes a matter of seconds for a small fire to spread and cause property damage, injury, or death. It is crucial in these situations to have a device that is portable, easy to store, and accessible. Often times, our natural inclination is to use whatever is closest; this may be baking soda, a lid, or water. However, depending on the severity of the fire or the type of fire, flames can continue to grow.

We may not know it, but many of us own fire extinguishers that are expired, are not easily accessible, or are too complicated for every member in the household to operate, especially under emergency circumstances. Having a fire blanket placed in an accessible area such as the kitchen, where fires are most likely to occur is ideal to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

Facts about household fires:

  • 1.9 million domestic fires occur per year in the US
  • The #1 cause of fires in the home and fire injuries are cooking fires
  • Senior citizens and children under 5 are at the greatest risk
  • They result in over 500 deaths and $900,000,000 in property damage every year

      Things you should know about kitchen fires:

      • 40% of house fires begin in the kitchen
      • Unattended cooking accounts for 1/3rd of kitchen fires
      • The greatest risk of fire posed by cooking is frying
      • Kitchen fires occur most often around holidays, especially on Thanksgiving
      • Contrary to popular belief, electric ranges and ovens have a higher liklihood for injury, death and property damage